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The Red Coalition Inc. is a prominent and sought after lobbying firm situated in Montreal, Quebec, advocating for one common
goal, which is to eliminate the practice of racial profiling and systemic racism within Canada. The organization seeks to raise
clarity and awareness of the mental health issues and public health problems it is causing amongst it's citizens.
We are the only federally registered lobby group in all of Canada, fighting for the rights of Canadians against
racial profiling and 1 of only 3 lobby groups fighting against systemic racism. The "act" of practicing racial profiling against
innocent victims by Canada's police forces do not just stop at the victim, but actually touches those close to them equally.


"Racial profiling can make you feel anxious, nervous, emotional, humiliated, ashamed, embarrassed, vulnerable, inadequate, judged, angry, not-worthy, unstable and uneasy. The subconscious feeling of unworthiness combined will all of these emotions are real and are perpetrated by those in the position of authority who seek to judge you solely on the color of your skin, your religion, your ethnicity, your gender, by the vehicle you choose to drive and by the city you choose to live in."
-Joel DeBellefeuille, Founder, Red Coalition


As defined by the: Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse

"Any action taken by one or more people in authority with respect to a person or group of persons, for reasons of safety, security or public order, that is based on actual or presumed membership in a group defined by race, colour, ethnic or national origin or religion. Taken without factual grounds or reasonable suspicion, these actions can result in the person or group being exposed to differential treatment. "

As defined by the: Service de Police de la ville de Montreal (SPVM) 

"Racial profiling refers to any actions taken by a person or persons in authority with regard to a person or group of people, for security or public protection reasons, based on factors such as race, colour, ethnic or national origin or religion, without a real motive or reasonable grounds for suspicion, resulting in differential examination or treatment. Racial profiling also includes any action by people in a position of authority who apply a measure disproportionately to segments of the population, in particular, because of their racial, ethnic or national origin or religious affiliation, real or presumed. "