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What's involved with a complaint? 

Depending on your complaint there are specific places that need to be filed first. Do not file directly with the police station it will get lost in a pile of complaints. Besides, you're filing against them.
Describe your situation carefully, gather your videos, witnesses, pictures, street names, badge numbers, vehicle number, license plate and any other information that can corroborate your version of the incident. Do not wait to file especially if you're seeking a monetary compensation. There is a rule not many people know. In order to successfully be compensated monetarily in a discrimination case; you have to file your complaint with the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Quebec) before 6 months. If you file after that time and you win your case in court, the judge cannot reward you with money as well. A second rule not many people know, is that you have to invoke (say) that you feel you are being racially profiled or discriminated against at the time you are being stopped or you cannot use that explanation in court. We need to assess and make sure after discussing with you during consultation, that most of this information is compiled properly, and that the board deems the complaint fit for a mandate.
We will help you with:
  • Ensuring that you have most of your documents in order
  • Communicating your complaint to the board to ensure whether or not it falls within our lobbying guidelines
  • Understanding the impact of your complaint
  • Understanding what type of impact in could have on your family, friends and co-workers