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Marc Perez is a seasoned marketer and SEO business owner based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With a deep-rooted passion for both marketing and public service, Marc has made significant strides in his career and community involvement. In 2022, he showcased his commitment to public service by running in the provincial elections, reflecting his keen interest in politics and dedication to making a positive impact.
Marc's expertise extends beyond marketing; he has played a pivotal role as the chair of the Marketing and Events committees for the Task Force on Linguistic Policy. In this capacity, he successfully spearheaded fundraising efforts to support the Bill 96 lawsuit and its injunction, demonstrating his ability to mobilize resources and advocate for important causes.
Outside of his professional and political endeavors, Marc is an avid barbecue enthusiast and enjoys solving complex problems. His diverse interests and unwavering dedication to his work make him a notable figure in both the marketing industry and his local community.