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Mastromonaco Law Firm is committed to providing incomparable criminal law representation to help their clients resolve
their criminal law issues and move on with their lives. We actively listen to our clients and understand the emotional stress
that criminal cases place on our clients and their families. Our firm will help you through this serious life challenge.

Ralph Mastromonaco is a criminal defence lawyer practising in the greater Montréal region. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of McGill University and has practised law in Québec since 1982.
His criminal law practice is focused on providing sound advice and Court representation to a diverse clientele. Ralph Mastromonaco prides himself on actively listening to his clients, using simple language in addressing their concerns and being accessible to them in their time of need.
Ralph Mastromonaco is committed to the rule of law and respect for human rights. He believes that in a free society a lawyer must be both a custodian and a critic of the law. He has been a critic of the law on issues pertaining to systemic racism and racial profiling, access to justice and the need to modernize and humanize the Canadian criminal justice system. He has voiced his opinion of these issues in a number of op-ed articles published in the Montréal Gazette.