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An inexpensive way, to do the right thing.

Be recognized as a leader in your field, by taking that step forward.
Red Coalition Accreditation Standards & Conformity (RCASC) program represents specific standards, policies, and procedures
to be recognized as an accredited business with high standards towards combatting racism & discrimination in the workplace.
Become an accredited RCASC business today and stand out from the rest, by showing your competition you adhere to high
standards when it comes to addressing issues about race and discrimination at work. 
Step 1. Complete your profile
Step 2. Upload your documents
Step 3. Review & click submit

An initial $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required upon submission of the application and does not represent the annual fees
of RCASC status. An invoice with payment details will be emailed to you within 24hrs. All applications approved for RCASC status
will receive a response within 2 weeks via email. Annual fees are due within 5 days of approval. There is a 2% monthly late fee applied
to the outstanding balance on all accounts. If a business has lost RCASC status and wishes to re-apply, the initial deposit will be waved.