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The board’s fundamental objectives are to enhance and preserve long-term member value, ensuring
that the organization meets all of its obligations on an ongoing basis, while overseeing the activities of
management and to make certain that it operates in a reliable and safe manner.


Joel DeBellefeuille is an experienced entrepreneur, businessman and founder of Just3; a boutique consulting firm providing strategic business solutions to private and public companies. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Marianna Naturals Corp., a celebrity skin care and health  & wellness brand that manufactures fresh handmade beauty care, personal care, and cosmetics products. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Primo Nutraceuticals a public company listed on the CSE and is a member of the Riverside School Board, EDI Committee. He is a co-founder and President of Mouvement Québec a provincial political party.
He is a strong advocate for Human Rights and has appeared in and been featured on Global Television, CityNews Montréal, CBC News, CJAD800, The Montréal Gazette, The Suburban, Montreal Community Contact, The Canadian Press, CTV News, Savoir Media, QUB Radio with Geneviève Pettersen, 98.5FM with Bénoit Dutrizac and Patrick Lagacé, The Aaron Rand Show, Newstalk Radio with Co-host Sharman Yarnell, La Presse, The Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, Vice; as well as a sitting as a professional panelist for an accredited law class at McGill University and a guest speaker at McMasters University for a Law & Sociology class.


Ketcia Peters is an award winning entrepreneur and community activist with a record of strong results delivered for individuals and organizations across civil society, government and the private sector. As the former Community Chair of the Ottawa Community and Police Action Committee (COMPAC) and a strong advocate of crime prevention measures for at risk youth and delinquency, she delivers projects and programs at schools and community churches that identifies how the system works and addresses issues when caught in the trap of the criminal justice system. She manages efforts to bring awareness around issues of policing and justice. In her role on COMPAC, she worked with representatives of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and Aboriginal and racialized communities to develop a Strategic Plan that included Values and Ethics as well as Conflict Resolution programs that have been helpful in ensuring ethical conduct of COMPAC members and in proactively resolving critical incidents between the police and Aboriginal and racialized communities in Ottawa. 


The Honourable Marlene Jennings is a former Member of Parliament (1997-2011) known nationally and internationally as an expert in independent civil oversight of law enforcement. She is a long-time defender of fundamental minority rights such as anti-Black racism, systemic racism & discrimination, employment equity to name but a few. Ms. Jennings has been especially active over the past two (2) years on the English-Speaking minority community linguistic rights. She filled the volunteer role of President of the Québec Community Groups Network from 2020 to June 9,2022 and remains a member of QCGN’s Board of Directors. Ms. Jennings is also a retired lawyer, former Québec Police Commission Member (1988-1990) and former Deputy Commissioner for Police Ethics of Québec (1990-1997).


After 30 years in law enforcement including stints with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Military Police of Canada, Alain retired in 2016 at the rank of Staff Sergeant after 28 years of service in the within the RCMP. Mr. Babineau is a jurist and a trained mediator, and over the last few years, he has worked as an expert in racial and social profiling for the Office of the Commissioner for the Fight against Racism and Systemic Discrimination for the City of Montreal, and as an advisor to the Center de Research Action on Race Relations (CRARR) in Montreal. As director on issues of racial profiling and public safety, Mr. Babineau will act as spokesperson and coordinator for the Red Coalition on issues of racial profiling and public safety, as well as a resource person accessible to all community organizations and progressive organizations. 

Jean-Rene Dominique Kwilu, B.A., LL.B., JD, LL.M. 

J.R.D. practices primarily in the areas of criminal law, commercial law, civil litigation, immigration law and family law. He is a competent and trusted advisor who provides excellent legal services for his clients by successfully resolving their legal matters timely, efficiently and effectively. He is also a trained economist with an interest in international finance and the history of economic thought. He is currently the Executive Director of the political action committee: United Black Caucus PAC.

Svetlana chernienko

Svetlana Chernienko is a Canadian-American Mental Health advocate, body positivity model, certified Mental Wellness coach, activist, TV news contributor, business woman, and sits at the head of Welcome To My Everyday - A Mental Health Charity founded by Svetlana herself. She is also a supporter of the LGBTQ Foundation, Women’s Equal Rights Foundation, as well as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Foundation. When she is not busy advocating for all the causes dear to her heart, she can be found living in Montreal, Canada with her husband, mother and four children. Svetlana strives to create a global platform shedding light on these issues and causes. She is dedicated to helping others live their best life.


Mr. La Rosa is a Court bailiff licensed by the Chambre des Huissiers du Quebec and a specialist in out of court settlements / Entente a L'Amiable, Civil & Commercial Mediation and a professor of civil procedure and introductory law. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1985 and received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology, Microbiology, Criminology.



Former 2021 Mouvement Montréal city councilor for Snowdon candidate, with a 13 year background as a business law paralegal. Mauro is also a Paralegal Career Coach, his clients consist of Paralegals, Paralegal students and potential Paralegals, all of whom he works with to assist in understanding the career potential of Paralegals in Quebec. As a twice elected former Director of the Canadian Association of Paralegals, Mauro brings with him a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to put into use at Red Coalition to further advance the fight against systemic racism, racial profiling and other racially motivated injustices.



Born and raised in the diverse city of Montreal, Marilyn is a mom of two, with a background in architectural technology, specialized in building code compliance and a board member of the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec. Beyond her technical skills, Marilyn is an advocate for minority, women and human rights. As a former city councillor candidate with the party Mouvement Montréal, Marilyn will continue advocating for the rights of minorities and stand against racial and systemic discrimination.


Matthew Kerr graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and proceeded to work in the field of homelessness and social entrepreneurship at the St-James Drop-In Center. A community activist for social justice, Matthew entered the political ring as a Mayoral candidate in the Côte-des-Neiges/NDG borough with Balarama Holness’ team Mouvement Montreal in the 2021 municipal election and fought for housing rights, human rights and more funding for community services.

Qaiser Choudhry

Qaiser Choudhry has a along history of transactions in real estate, business and finance. He is an avid entrepreneur, investor, and a go-getter.
He is heavily involved in social activism, human rights and is considered to be a change-maker amongst his peers.
He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec and speaks 5 languages.