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The Red Coalition Inc. Condemns the words of retired police officer Daniel Cléroux and requests cease and desist of the promotion of his interviews immediately by media outlets.


The Red Coalition strongly condemns the words of retired Police Officer, Daniel Cléroux who spoke on "Salut Bonjour" to discuss the recent shooting of a 16-year-old teenager in Montreal North.
During his interview on "Salut Bonjour" on November 16, 2021, Mr Cléroux used unacceptable language to insinuate that a 16-year-old victim of gun violence could not possibly be a gang related incident simply due to the victim’s nationality. Such a loaded statement infers that only BIPOC can be gang members. The Red Coalition condemns this dangerous statement and requests an apology from Mr. Cléroux. His words are unacceptable as evidenced by the swift condemnation by the SPVM.
The statement made by Mr. Cléroux is indicative of unconscious bias against BIPOC and it has no place in our society.

The Red Coalition requests that media outlets currently providing Mr. Cléroux with a platform to immediately cease and desist their promotion of his interviews whereby his dangerous and unconscious bias towards BIPOC is put on full display. Furthermore, we demand a public apology from Mr. Cléroux for his comments which do nothing to promote safe racial relations.

Mauro Peña                                                      
Director, Red Coalition Inc.





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