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Bill 21: A petition to amend Quebec’s secularism law needs 500 signatures by Friday

by Lorraine Carpenter
The proposed amendment aims to restore equal rights and freedoms to religious minorities whose livelihoods are affected by the discriminatory legislation.

The Quebec National Assembly website is hosting a petition that aims to amend the most controversial elements of Bill 21, the so-called secularism law that prevents people who wear religious symbols from holding provincial government jobs where employees serve the public or hold positions of authority.
The petition, put forward by the Red Coalition and sponsored by Liberal MNA Gregory Kelley, needs 500 signatures by Friday, June 10 in order for the proposed amendment to be read on the floor.
“Bill 21 is an outright discriminatory bill that legislated discrimination, attacks the very fundamental rights of religious minorities and disproportionately impacts women.”
—The Red Coalition





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