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Police investigating LaSalle confrontation as possible hate incident

  • By Joel Goldenberg The Suburban, Aug 16, 2022

Montreal police decided Tuesday afternoon to investigate an Aug. 11 confrontation between a man and a LaSalle couple as a possible hate incident.
A hate incident, as opposed to a hate crime, says the SPVM website, is "a non-criminal act that may affect the sense of security of a person or an identifiable group of people and given the context, is perceived as such by reason of race, national or ethical origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, or an inability, among others."
The couple, of Indian descent, said they were backing out of their driveway and let the man pass. The man told Nadisha Hosein that "you people have to learn to keep your car in the driveway or on the street, it’s not supposed to be on the sidewalk.’”
The incident was filmed and placed on Twitter. Hosein's husband Pramit Patel spoke to the man in English. Hosein said the man replied in French, “You people have to learn how to speak French, we live in Quebec," and then told Patel to go back to India.
The man and wife were born in Montreal.
As captured on the video, a neighbour from France intervened, and the man told her to return to that country.
The video, which has gone viral, was posted by the anti-racist group the Red Coalition.
Red Coalition founder Joel DeBellefeuille, who is running for Bloc Montreal in D'Arcy McGee for the Oct. 3 provincial election, said:"I completely believe that with all the discriminatory legislations — Bill 96 and Bill 21 and Bill 32 — that François Legault and the CAQ have put forth [have resulted in] these types of racist incidents that involve language and visible minorities/ ethnic minorities. This will only get worse and they are complicit."





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