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‘Mistake No. 1 was putting him in handcuffs’| The Corner Booth

Alain Babineau, director of the Red Coalition, breaks down what went wrong with the recent arrest of a Black man trying to get into his own car.

On this episode of The Corner Booth with Aaron Rand, Bill Brownstein and Lesley Chesterman, guest Alain Babineau talks about the political will needed to create meaningful change in policing. A retired RCMP officer, Babineau says there’s “no crystal ball,” but police rely too heavily on stereotypes.
He answers everything you want to know about the state of policing, from how Montreal elects its police chief to whether the current climate is too critical on cops.
“You should have police officers that show compassion. That acknowledge they’re wrong. People make mistakes, even police officers. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘I’m sorry.’”



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